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churro bites churros spanish recipe

Churro Bites

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If you're looking for an easy, fast and very addictive snack, you've found it with this one… these churro bites are truly heavenly! And you can also make them in an instant. Make these mini churros yourself in a layer of sugar with cinnamon. Comfort food at its best!

We have had to miss a lot these months. One of those things is the annual Christmas market. Shuffling through the cold past the stalls and ordering a portion of everything to share. A sip of chocolate milk, a bite of the Schaumküsse in a crazy taste… and of course a churro! Bonus points if it's really cold and the vapor is still coming off.

Churros and churro bites

Churros are a Spanish invention, by the way. Although there are also stories that the idea originally Chinese is. Either way, you can find churros in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American cuisine. They are deep-fried 'cookies' of sweet dough.

Usually the churros are rolled in a mix of sugar and cinnamon. And I also like them that 'simple' the best. You can also dip them in chocolate (ganache), caramel sauce, honey or frosting. Just what you like best.

It is possible to store, but the churro bites are really the best when they are warm and freshly baked.

This recipe makes a large bowl of churro bites, enough for 4 servings


  • 75 gr butter
  • 250 ml water
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1 packet of vanilla-flavored sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • 150 gr wheat flour
  • 1 (large) egg
  • sunflower oil, for frying
  • sugar and cinnamon, for sprinkling
churro bites churros spanish recipe

Preparation of churro bites

Mix the sugar and cinnamon (last in the ingredients list) in a bowl and set aside.

Mix the butter with the water, sugar and vanilla sugar in a pan and bring to the boil. Add the salt and stir everything together well.

Now add the flour all at once and stir vigorously with a wooden spoon until all lumps have dissolved and you get a soft and supple dough. Reduce the heat and let the dough cook for a few minutes, stirring constantly.

Note: it is important that the dough is well cooked! So let it simmer for about 5 minutes. If you don't do this, the churro bites will become less airy.

Remove the pan from the heat and place the dough in a bowl. Let it cool for two minutes. Then add the egg and stir the dough well with a wooden spoon, until the egg is completely incorporated. This takes a while and at first it seems like it won't work… but keep stirring, it will really work out!

Now put the dough in a piping bag and use a large, star-shaped nozzle to pipe the dough into the oil later.

Heat a pan with a layer of sunflower oil to 175 degrees. It is best when the oil forms a layer of at least 3 cm.

Pipe pieces of dough into the hot oil with the piping bag. You can cut the dough to the desired length with clean scissors. I cut the dough when it sticks out 3 cm from the nozzle.

Fry the churro bites in a few minutes until done and golden brown. Let them drain briefly in a sieve or colander and then roll them in the sugar and cinnamon mixture. Serve the churro bites warm – enjoy your meal!

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