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10x the perfect sandwich

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Sometimes the simplest things are just the tastiest. Especially when it comes to toasties. Two bread rolls, cheese and a slice of ham and go! That is the most famous variant of the toastie. But… did you know that you can put much more in between those bread rolls than just cheese and ham? And do you also know how to prepare that famous grilled cheese sandwich?

In this article I will give you some tips for the perfect sandwich. In addition, I will give you 10 times a nice idea for a sandwich that is 'different from the usual'. Are you a fan of toasted bread rolls as much as I am? Then quickly grab your pan and get started!

First things first… the pan!

So to start with, those tips to make sure that you will soon conjure up the perfect sandwich on the table. Because you can easily crush two bread rolls with filling in the well-known sandwich maker. It's quick and easy, but not necessarily the tastiest way.

For the most delicious grilled cheese, you use a (very old-fashioned) pan. A frying pan or grill pan are most suitable for this. I always use myself this cast iron skillet for making toasties. Cast iron conducts heat very well and also retains it longer than other materials. In addition, it is also very affordable.

It is best to bake toasted bread rolls on medium heat. If you make the pan too hot, you run the risk of burning the bread on the outside, while the cheese on the inside has not yet melted. Low and slow is the best in this case.

Provide good bread and good cheese

You can actually make a sandwich from any type of bread, but it pays off to choose a tasty type of bread for your creation. I think firm sourdough bread is the best to use for this. This way you keep a nice bite and open structure even after baking.

You also have to pay attention to what kind of cheese you use: of course you want it to have melted nicely. Dutch (Gouda) cheese is therefore perfectly suitable. But also think of mozzarella, cheddar or gruyere. Maybe you like brie or camembert – all very suitable for a sandwich! What better to stay away from with this dish? These are cheeses that do not melt well, such as feta, paneer or halloumi.

Also, don't put too little cheese between your sandwich… this is not the dish to save on this. And the last cheese tip: don't hesitate to mix different cheeses for an extra deep taste. Creamy mozzarella has a nice structure, but does not have much taste. When you mix this with a Dutch mature cheese, it becomes a completely different story.

Enough fat and weight

A sandwich is simply not the healthiest dish. But if you're going to make one, you better do it right. So with a layer of butter! With this you can smear the sandwich on the outside, so that it becomes wonderfully crispy and golden after baking. Another option is to spread some mayonnaise on the outside of the sandwich. It may sound strange, but you can also bake a great sandwich with that!

In addition, one more thing is important: put enough weight on the sandwich when it is in the pan. For example, by putting another pan on it. Especially when there is still a full can or something else heavy in it. This way you ensure that not only the outside of the sandwich becomes nice and crispy, but that the cheese will also melt properly.

10 ideas for the tastiest bread rolls

And now for the moment you may have been waiting for… my 10 ideas for a delicious sandwich! With these combinations you ensure a delicious sandwich. Which of the 10 will be your new favorite?

  1. Pizza – with tomato sauce, mozzarella, red onion and salami
  2. Mexican chicken – with grilled chicken, cheese, strips of bell pepper and red onion
  3. BLT – with bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato and iceberg lettuce
  4. Spanish toast – with cheese, arugula, Serrano ham, sun-dried tomato and pine nuts
  5. Cheese & Spinach – with spinach, cheese and a little pesto
  6. Goat cheese (sweet) – with goat cheese, honey, apple and walnuts
  7. salmon toast – with smoked salmon, red onion, cheese and capers
  8. tuna toastie – with canned tuna, cheese, tomato slices and red onion
  9. Vegan – with grilled vegetables, onion and arugula (possibly with vegan cheese!)
  10. apple pie – with apple, raisins, honey, walnuts and cinnamon

Also try…

Are you ready to really take your bread rolls to the 'next level'? Then try this traditional Cuban Sandwich which I made together with Rudy!

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